SBI Magnum Gilt Fund

Date Published: August 4, 2022



     Open ended

     Fund Manager

    Dinesh Ahuja

     Date of Allotment


     Benchmark Index

    Nifty All Duration G-Sec Index*

     NAV (Rs.)

    51.77 ( 31-May-2022 )

     Corpus ( Crs.)

    3532.23 ( May-2022 )

     Investment Objective

  To provide returns to the investors generated through investments in Government securities issued by the Central Government and/or State Government(s).




Table: 3
Top 10 Holdings (% in N.A) May -22 Ratings
5.74 GOI Nov 15 2026 12.07 Sovereign
6.54 GOI Jan 17 2032 6.52 Sovereign
7.37 GOI Apr 16 2023 3.87 Sovereign
4.54 Maharashtra SDL  Jun  3 2022 3.68 Sovereign
5.63 GOI Apr 12 2026 2.96 Sovereign
6.79 GOI May 15 2027 2.64 Sovereign
7.9 Andhra Pradesh SDL Jun  1 2033 1.7 Sovereign
7.9 Andhra Pradesh SDL Jun  1 2034 1.7 Sovereign
7.78 Uttar Pradesh SDL Jun 19 2023 1.44 Sovereign
7.63 Rajasthan SDL Jun  5 2023 1 Sovereign

Month End

Equity %
Debt %
Others % Scheme % Returns
31.05.2022 37.59 62.41 -6.01
29.04.2022 40.22 59.78 -1.93
31.03.2022 44.32 55.68 3.78
28.02.2022 33.43 66.57 3.84
31.01.2022 65.83 34.17 0.16
31.12.2021 21.01 78.99 1.7
30.11.2021 42.90 57.10 6.22
29.10.2021 62.12 37.88 -3.35
30.09.2021 62.12 37.88 8.13
31.08.2021 65.90 34.10 8.2
30.07.2021 40.20 59.80 2.78
30.06.2021 47.60 52.40 1.08

Risk of this scheme in terms of Standard deviation of monthly returns (using last 3 years data) is lower than the peer group of Debt low Duration funds, while the Sharpe ratio of this scheme is higher than the peer group of Debt low Duration funds. Pls see the table called “Risk Measures (%) “.


This product is suitable for investors who are seeking:

  • Regular income and capital growth for medium to long-term.
  • Investment in government securities.

Monthly SIP and Lumpsum vis-à-vis Benchmark: Exhibit 2


Note: (1) Performance is on May 31, 2022. (2) Returns are calculated on the basis of annual compounding.The returns of the fund in both modes (ie. Monthly and Lumpsum) across various time periods witnessed with mixed noticeable variations.



SBI Magnum Gilt Fund fits the bill as it has outperformed its category average over all timeframes. It has delivered a compounded annual return of 7.28 per cent over the last three years. Gilt funds can take a beating when interest rates move up and also rake in huge gains when rates fall. So, funds manage the interest rate risk by altering the duration of the fund. Given that investing in gilt funds entails interest rate risk, investors should go for funds that actively manage this risk by tweaking its duration. If the interest rates move up, bond prices fall, and vice-versa. As longer duration bonds are more sensitive to interest rates, the fund manager will increase duration in a falling rate scenario to cash in on the rally in bonds.


Please Note: The star mentioned in the report are declared by Value Research and Crisil has ranked 2 for this fund (For the quarter ended March(31, 2022).

Peer Comparison:

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